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angela's ashes questions and answers pdf

Neither knew how to drive and when the police saw the truck lurchand jerk along Myrtle Avenue they pulled it over. The twins are awake, crying with thehunger, but Dad stands in the middle of the room, staring at the ceiling.His face is white and he beats on his thighs with his fists. Dad said,Och, Frankie shouldn't be in pubs, and she said, Then don't stay there.He put on his cap and we went to South's pub and he told me at the door Icould go home now, that he'd be home after one pint. He can't get a job but he finds moneyfor the drink, money for the drink, money for the drink, money for thedrink.

Mam leaves us outside with the pram while she goes in orshe sends me. Your father? These children are running wild and where isthe father? Oh, well. I think ya like bananas, eh? We can't have tea because the milkis sour in the icebox where the ice is melted again and everyone knowsyou can't drink tea without milk unless your father gives it to you outof his mug while he's telling you about Cuchulain.

I don't wantnothing that's half Limerick and half North of Ireland, so I don't, so yecan take him home.

I say it right and he tells me the story of Cuchulain, who had adifferent name when he was a boy, Setanta.

Minnie says her Dandoesn't drink. A man on a bicycle stopped and wanted to know why Dad was beatingthat mattress. You could go to hell using a word like that. 0000003718 00000 n Malachy says, Ye, ye, and starts to giggle and I say, Ye, ye, andthe twins say, Ye, ye, and we're laughing so hard we can hardly eat ourbread. Mam tries all the bars around the station before she gives up. Some don't. She pulls my ear. I wish I had something to eat butthere's nothing in the icebox but cabbage leaves floating in the meltedice. He asks us what you call policemen in Americaand Malachy says, cop.

Them snakes were doin' no harm, they wouldn't botheryou unless you cornered them an' they lived off other creatures that moveunder bushes an'such places, whereas the flea sucks the blood from youmornin' noon an' night for that's his nature an' he can't help himself. I think she's sick.

Shesays you wouldn't want the neighbors to know what you have in the way ofa wash but there's nothing like the sweetness of clothes dried by thesun. These arelovely children you have and I'm from Cork meself and I know what 'tis tobe in Dublin without two pennies to rub together. He's Jewish. Whisht. I go to him. I climb into bed and my father, still in hisclothes, lies beside me.

But they say Mr.Roosevelt is a good man and if you stayed you might have work by now. We stand in a queue withwomen wearing black shawls. We don't mind going tothe playground. he barks. Along the path through the park there were hundreds of flowers ofdifferent colors that excited the twins.

See page 16 of your booklet. She frowns at him but says nothing even thoughhe makes thick slices. Mam says we're all driving her crazy. Are yeYanks or what? Dad said I shouldn't throw rocksat jackdaws, they might be somebody's soul. If youdidn't squander the money in the pubs I wouldn't have to follow you theway I did in Brooklyn.

Mam wipes her face on the back of her sleeve and takes the docket.She tells the men, God bless you for your kindness. I don't know what to say. The twins cry and Mam shushes them and cries along time herself. x�b```f``�d`e`��f`@ 6 da���°��9�Ǖ�!��:P�r��,A�iZOxO�LZ�X�_$-}��9yӋ6�L�Ȟd����]Q�바t���;/s[8u�(��~�3�����2666MKK�耉 The safetypin is stuck and when he wriggles it comes loose, sticks him in the hip,and starts him screaming for Mam.

We had the soupers inthe Famine. Shegrunts and pushes and the infant's head appears, only the head, mymother, and it's the stroke of midnight, the New Year. She goes back to another room and soon there's tea and bread. He stays that way till the motor car comes to take usthrough the streets of Dublin. Night falls along the streets of Dublin. He won't move so I try togo around his legs while he's beating on his thighs but he notices me andwants to know why I'm trying to light the fire.

Have to pee. Still, I wonder how long we'll sit here with Malachy andEugene hungry at home, hours from the porridge, which Eugene didn't eatanyway. Whatcan a man do for a woman at a time like this even if he is a saint? No. All you need ispaper, a few bits of coal or turf, and a match. and Mam tells her it's different inAmerica.
What does it matter, you bluearsed bastard.

I wish I had anonion and I'd boil it in milk and pepper. Malachy said, What'sa lice? I only pour. The man called Pete holds his glass toward me. Not my husband, says Philomena. Lord above, if I didn't nurse her Iwouldn't be able to get near her the way he wants to be holding her dayand night.

On the way home we stopped in the People's Park and sat on a benchwhile Malachy and I sucked on our sweets and Mam and Nora smoked theircigarettes. Topics angela, ashes, frank mccourt Collection opensource Language English. Ihear for a fact that places that have snakes galore have no fleas.Arizona, for instance.

Sugar on your bread, Genie. He blubbered, Och, poor Angela.

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They're aright bloody torment an' I should know for didn't I grow up in Limerick,down in the Irishtown, an' the fleas there were so plentiful an' forwardthey'd sit on the toe of your boot an' discuss Ireland's woeful historywith you. What? Oh, God. The man in the speak, Joey Cacciamani, did notwant to admit the sisters but Philomena told him that if he wanted tokeep the nose on his face and that door on its hinges he'd better open upfor they were there on God's business.

A snot oozedfrom his nose and he wiped it away with the back of his hand. And while your yap is shut, said Delia, we're here to see you dothe right thing by our poor cousin, Angela Sheehan. Din't try to killFreddie. Dad says to me,Remember this, Francis. Would you like a nicesoft-boiled egg, missus? Malachy says, They're all shitty.

She said that was allshe could afford anymore, that Dad would have to get up off his arse, geta job, go on the dole, go for the charity at the St. Vincent de PaulSociety or go on the relief. Malachy and I play with him. Download Angela's Ashes PDF for free. She drew on her cigarette and gagged, coughing till her body rockedback and forth, and in between the coughs she whimpered, Jesus, Jesus.When the cough died away she said she had to go home and take hermedicine. We can loan you the busfare to Dublin. Where am I? Grandma gives a great push and the child is inthe world, a lovely girl with black curly hair and sad blue eyes. Ye better behave yeerselves before I go over toye. There is creamy whitestuff on their lips, which they lick with little sighs. He'll let us have money to take the bus back into thecity. Iwake up in a bed with Malachy and the twins. My mother is out of the bed, taking the child. You shoulda stayed single, put the child up for adoption, andyou'd be a free woman today. God above, you're a bundle ofnerves. I'd break his face if he came homewith the craving.


And here she is, trying to run across the playground. Up, down, up, down. There's enough consumption in Limerickwithout people smokin' fags on top of it an' 'tis a rich man's foolishness. She put Eugene in the bed andgave him a drink of water.

I want to see Freddie Leibowitz.

Delia said, You shuddup.

Then Malachy cries,my mother cries, Dad cries, I cry, but Eugene stays quiet. His cheeks are bright red, he's staring into thedead fire, and you can see he has no interest in Cuchulain. Nothing I can do. And who's minding ye? Where are my four warriors?

Well, here, missus.

She's feeding. Dad and Mam lay at the head of the bed, Malachy and I at thebottom, the twins wherever they could find comfort. My father said never eat anything floating in water for the rot thatmight be in it.

She'll put stuff ona paper on the scale with the paper hanging down on her side behind thecounter where she thinks you can't see it.

It's bitter, but I'mhappy there on his lap.

Eugene is sleeping under a coat on the bed. Then Eugene sat up, screaming, tearing at himself.

Malachy and I have to leave the table so the big people can sit andhave tea.

What's his name?

Dad opens the door of a little housethat has a seat with a hole in it. 0000002302 00000 n You're not very big for your age, are you? She has to see the doctor. Dad drinks the tea and eats nothing. Grandma said, Oh, will you shut your gob.

endstream endobj 1184 0 obj <>stream Malachy is excited. Don't tell me, Frankie. A letter has to be written to Angela's mother.

He got that cough in France in the war when heswallowed the gas.

Och, we are, says Dad. God takes them. Dad lifts him, staggers across the room, placeshim in the bed by my mother.

The Cinema: What films does Frank enjoy seeing? Another woman worries, Ah, no, they don't like that. I tell him stop telling thatstory, it's my story.

Did anyone drop the baby? She says to Nora, Do you have a docket, too?

Dad stopped and put the twins down so that they could be closerto the flowers. And what's up with the child in the bed? Oh, sure, of course. I never heard a child wanting an onionbefore. Babies.

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