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headstones in the 1800s

Bronze headstones are a specialty of Memorials.com, and we strive to meet your headstone needs. The foot stone's purpose was to mark the end of the grave. The higher the clay content, the weaker and less durable the stone. Families, while following tradition of a simple passing, can still utilize a simple bronze or granite headstone to memorialize their loved one, if not to simply mark the area where they are lain to rest. This ancient statue used to have inset eyes, and other small parts, such as his eyebrows and lips. Many of the early carvers worked part -time, and may have also have worked as a masons, carpenters, or farmers. Truro Victims of October 3 Gale (1841) - Truro Congregational Church Cem. In the early to mid-seventeenth century, it is believed that headstones for the first Dutch settlers along the lower Hudson River were limited to the wealthy - again, interrupting the documentation of ancestral ties.

Frederick Freeman (1858) - Brewster Lower Road Cem. It is the most elaborate and largest gravestone of its kind in the whole town of Newbury for the time period. Wilbur F Higgins (1865) - Wellfleet Pleasant Hill Cem.

Bronze grave markers pair very nicely with granite, to create a neat and aesthetically appealing look that is quickly becoming a tradition in itself. Luckily this reckless idea was not adopted as the American historic preservation movement had begun, fighting and battling to protect many landmarks from the wrecking ball at the eleventh hour on many future occasions. Those interested in the ordering process of a grave marker, the Headstones Purchasing Tips page will be very informative.

�h�^�w�6�*�� D�P6�>.��(�{[�Ub���K�`�!�>���(¨b(�(A������p�� Once the bronze has cooled, it shrinks slightly and is removed from the mold. Bronze headstones are equally as popular as granite headstones, although certain variations, such as white bronze headstones and sandstone headstones, are much rarer.

Mary A Rider (1846) - Wellfleet Pleasant Hill Cem.

Priscilla Small (1835) & Reubin Small (1833) - Harwich Cem. What makes this bronze statue particularly intriguing is the fact that is was not discovered, but recovered from the sea in northern Euboea, meaning it was found in the water. Sarah Thacher (1793) - Yarmouth Ancient Cem. Thomas Gross (1817) - Truro Methodist Cem. Mary Cobb (1835) - Brewster Lower Road Cem. Bronze was and still remains a highly prized alloy for its aesthetic qualities, thus making it an ideal material for headstones. The next step in creating a bronze headstone is chasing the plaque. This was a limited study confined to five towns and to select gravestones in reference to the research project. Joseph F Nickerson (1863) - Eastham Evergreen Cem.

In Eastern Connecticut the material of choice was a type of stone called schist.

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