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horse riding body protector size chart

There is good range to achieve an almost custom fit through the adjustable shoulders and off set “quick grip” velcro closures on each side. Disclaimer: This conversion chart is a guide only and does not constitute a guarantee as to the fit of the helmet. Certification: European & BETA 2009 Level 3 protection. Often called the Competitor II Racing Vest because this vest conforms to the Racing Standard for use by jockey.

I think there is enough scope in the line-up that hopefully there will be something there for everyone. We have a range of styles from brands such as Airowear, Racesafe and Point Two.

The cut of the vest offers torso protection but does not carry down to the lower waist. The VIPA Body Protector Level 1 is another vest which is suitable for everyday riding, and is worthy of note due to the lightness of the vest, making it a very comfortable option. The Adult Eventer Pro is their top of the range protective vest. Would you like to join a wonderful online community and turn your passion into income? While there are other Level 3 vests at a cheaper price there is often some compromise in increased weight and comfort when going for the less expensive options.

The most recent innovation in the Racesafe product range, the PROVENT 3.0, reaches new heights to provide a lightweight, flexible & breathable protective vest with BETA Level 3 protection. Mind you if you were competing in the rodeo circuit you might want a neck roll to reduce your risk of neck and head injuries.

These vests have come along way from the original designs and are now lightweight, come in a range of funky colours and are far more flexible than they use to be. I recommend this vest particular if you are in the UK, as shipping and the conversion rate to Australian dollars does make this a more expensive option than others available. The company proudly claim that all they have a vest to suit all equestrians from Pony Club to Olympians. Sizing ranges from Adult small at chest size 85-91cm right up to X Large at chest 102-110cm 3 choices in colours the standard black, but also pink and royal blue.

cross country. Some helmets fit different shaped heads better than others. It has helped me in a few falls. The company claims to have pioneered the first rodeo vest, and they are certainly servicing the rodeo world across many countries with personal protective equipment for riders. In conclusion we think each of these vests has merit which is why they have been included in the best horse riding protective vests of 2019 line up. All customer reviews indicate it fits well, warms and contours to your body to enable a free-range of rider movement and doesn’t ride up even with the extended tail flat. Large range of sizes from Small to X Large and either the Short or Long versions means you should be able to find the perfect fit with ease. Their focus is on the rodeo rider as an elite athlete and their products are built to ensure comfort, functional fit and maximum mobility as you would expect if you were riding 1000kg of bucking bull. That’s dedication for you. Best Horse Riding Body Protectors of 2019 (equestrian protective vests & safety vests), last year The manufacturer reports that the model has been included in independent laboratory testing, which can be accessed here – Independent Laboratory testing. Level 1 has been endorsed by the horse racing industry so do not be concerned that it isn’t the highest level protection available in a vest, if it’s safe for jockeys I’d be confident to say it is suitable for the general riding that most of us do. The BETA website provides the following guide: “Level 1 (black label) provides the lowest level of protection that is only considered appropriate for licensed jockeys while racing. My Horse Handbook has an affiliate relationship with some, not all, of the companies and products that appear on this site, this may include Amazon affiliate links. Focused heavily on rider freedom of movement and comfort without sacrificing protection, the new offering is ultra-lightweight for a Level 3 vest which is achieved by using foam combinations and racing technology.

The hip airbag is concealed inside the vest, making it more comfortable as you don’t have the long duck tail as shown on the other vests which protect your tailbone. The protection offered by the Tough-1 Bodyguard comes from the urethane foam, whilst it will not provide the protection of tectonic or EPP foam, urethane is still a high-impact, shock absorbing foam. Sometimes you don’t have enough time for that extra step. This vest comes in two lengths for a superior fit. The Long has a lengthened front (2 inches additional) providing increased coverage and protection for the rib cage and stomach but obviously you are then compromising on the freedom of lower body movement. A family-owned business since 1968, Shires specialise in apparel and equipment especially suited for the discerning equestrian of all levels. As an interim measure this vest will provide some protection, it may even be enough but as it isn’t certified you just don’t know. So I went to the padded vest.

Not least we are very proud to be the producer of the UK's best selling general-purpose brushing boot! It is very lightweight, and whilst you may not have the supreme protection of the Tipperary Eventer Pro you do have increased movement and ventilation. Copyright text 2019 by My Horse Handbook. The only difference is the colour choice, so personally I would keep my coins in my pocket, you are buying safety not colour. In the report the Advantage model is referred to as H-Model. I have provided an overview of the Standards at the very bottom of this article if you would like to know more about them, if you just want to skip to the good stuff you need to know that Level 1 is the base model and Level 3 offers the highest level of protection. For body protection as with helmets, it is always safest to get the best quality you can afford. This vest is more suited to trail riding, or disciplines where speed is reduced and falls from jumping heights are less likely. The BETA 2009 Body Protector Standard was developed in collaboration with doctors, riders, veterinarians, retailers and vest manufacturers and is widely acknowledged as providing a high standard of testing and certification. Many of the Level 1 vests were more expensive than this one. Tipperary have been making protective vests for over 30 years and are perhaps considered the leaders in this field. Use the chart to convert measurement to hat size. This website created at Wealthy Affiliate University. My Horse Handbook has an affiliate relationship with some, not all, of the companies and products that appear on this site. Obviously prevention of neck injuries, which are one of the most commonly occurring in horse rider falls, is crucial to your protection. Great site and niche. Select the helmet model you would like to purchase and review the specific size range available and order accordingly. The outer fabric is a heavy-duty 100% polyester fabric, and the lining is nylon. Love the video. Seeing is believing!!

Some helmets fit different shaped heads better than others. The front of the vest is scalloped allowing for more forward movement and less restriction, crucial for eventing and showjumping. The login page will open in a new tab. Generally the Level 3 vests are heavier and more cumbersome than the vests offering less protection, Racesafe have gone a long way to changing this with the Provent 3.0. Whilst the style is perhaps a bit more industrial than the higher priced vests the adjustments provided around the waist reduce the chances of the vest riding up, but can be tightened to provide a snug fit that doesn’t cut you in half. thanks! All testing is voluntary and this is not to say that non-tested vests may not offer as much protection as the tested and certified versions, but you have a guarantee of a certain level of standard if you go with a certified vest. I provide the links so you can easily find products or seek any additional information you may need. -  Designed by Tipperary produced an excellent video which is worth watching should you be considering one of their vests. Stock colour is black micro mesh, but if you are willing to pay additional for colour you can purchase a customised vest. This is a great review of the body protectors available.

Or use a string to measure and then lay it out and measure the length of the string. And being lightweight to provide added comfort, the Standard testing provides total confidence in your upper body protection.

Once you have a good fit, the zippered front means no more messing around with the side tabs. This vest is a reflective safety vest to increase visibility in poor conditions or low light, not to provide protection in the event of a fall. Developed by the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) and is as stringent as the EN 13158 certification. The same levels are used as the EN Standard to indicate suitable use and protection for each level. By introducing independently hinged sections the vest provides comfort and freedom of movement without sacrificing safety. Thanks to innovative, patented technology, we now offer riders more advanced protection for the chest, neck, spine, rib cage and vital organs. Once a week we will send you our newest blogs direct to your inbox - subscribe below. I found myself uncomfortable about being tethered to the saddle because I get off quickly and frequently to avoid some troubles and help the horse from the ground.

Darts and the front and back of the vest also allow for increased range of rider movement.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. One added extra is the additional protection for your spine through the 4″ solid strip which runs from neck to tailbone. As with most of the modern vest it has a zippered front making getting it on and off quite easy. Stay safe while riding in one of our body protecto... Stay safe while riding in one of our body protectors. Meeting both EN:13158-2009 and BETA:2009, both at Level 3, this vest offers the ultimate in protection.

Call 01706 507555 or Live Chat. It is necessary to identify the various standards to give you a good idea of what to look for when choosing a body protector. The brain child of Greg Childs, a world-class jockey who had a stellar career in Australia winning 2 Cox Plates and 2 Caulfield Cups amongst many other major wins across a 31 years racing career. This vest also comes in a huge size range to ensure a superior fit, which is crucial to providing the safety you require.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. BETA testing does include annual re-testing on certified vests to ensure continued compliance. Horse Riding Body Protectors, also known as equestrian protective vests or riding safety vests are a worthwhile investment in your safety, particularly if you are engaged in high impact sports such as cross-country or hunting.

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