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Used the Piano V2 -vst and added some effects to make it little nicer. This is without a doubt one of the best free piano VST plugins out there. Room Piano is a lightweight piano plugin for musicians who are looking to experiment by adding a lo-fi touch to their piano sounds. This is where the Cableguys come into play. You can adjust the attack and release time, tremolo intensity and speed, global volume and key release volume, as well as the built-in low-pass filter and reverb effects. 140 bpm In contrast to most plugins mentioned in this list, you can change the signal flow simply via drag-n-drop. The free offers, especially Vinyl and Labs are no brainers, since .. well, they’re free, so make sure to download them straight away if you haven’t done so yet , Sounds & SamplesInner CircleFree Downloads, Feel free to contact me: contact@bvker.com. Read the loops section of the help area and our terms and conditions for more information on how you can use the loops. 4Front Piano is a free, compact single sound instrument that emulates the timbre of an upgright home piano. There are some spectacular-sounding free VST piano plugins out there. Description : If you want to reach me, click on my profile picture for details. This plugin is available for both Mac and PC. The VS Upright No. The Time one is especially interesting for lofi producers, because it allows you to play back your melodies in halftime, add cool pitching effects and mix everything in with the dry signal. 1 is available for both Mac and PC. The “LoFi Rack” is a free Ableton Rack based on Live’s stock plugins. Although you can definitely do some cool stuff with the freeware I mentioned so far there are some paid options no lofi producer should miss out on.

Description : Show me what you make with this one!

Joji, Lo-fi, RnB Type Piano, Description : used labs vst for this soft piano, Description : Kalimba chill loop. There are a huge amount of piano VST plugins that perfectly emulate a range of pianos, such as Kontakt’s “The Maverick” or “The Giant“. Description : For part2 hit me up on IG or email, click on my profile picture for info!

This is definitely another “sketching” piano plugin, as it comes with no settings, but it therefore incredibly light on CPU. On their website is stated that you can activate your license without an internet connection, which is pretty cool if you still live in a cave .

If I could only pick one plugin of this list I’d probably go for this one, since it comes with the most features. Due to it’s simplicity, it is very light on the CPU, so is perfect for drafting piano melodies and chord progressions in a big project with very little latency. It also has sampled decays up to 30 seconds. It also has a seperate control for adding complementary strings and pads on top of the piano sound. Description : Nice smooth piano loop I made. Just leave a link. Check my YouTube for bonus samples in this Haunted theme.

Absolutely. Great for any LoFi or sad piano creations. According to their website Goodhertz has carefully studied the essence of three different tape machines to make sure their plugin is the most comprehensive tape model they ever heard. issue consent or revoke an already issued consent) please click on the button below. When it comes to beat making, there’s one plugin every FL Studio user slaps on their melodies: Gross Beat (you’ll find plenty of memes about this). All free for commercial use.

Room Piano by SampleScience is available for both Mac and PC. A must have for every lofi producer if you ask me.

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