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oshkosh m1070 engine

Single-speed Oshkosh 30000 Series transfer case. hp and coupled to an automatic transmission. $5.46. This form collects your personal information so that we can better communicate with you. Assuring mission readiness. The M1070 introduction of the The M1070A1 or HET A1 was developed by Oshkosh. The Global HET is similar in many ways to the M1070A1, the main design difference being configuration, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, Jane’s Land Warfare Platforms: Logistics, Support & Unmanned, "Oshkosh 1070F (8 × 8) Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET)", https://janes.ihs.com/CustomPages/Janes/DisplayPage.aspx?DocType=Reference&ItemId=+++1501739&Pubabbrev=JLSU, "TECHNICAL MANUAL OPERATOR'S MANUAL FOR TRUCK, TRACTOR, 8X8 M1070 A1 NSN 2320-01-564-6882", https://www.scribd.com/doc/49199765/TM-9-2320-427-10-M1070A1, http://oshkoshdefense.com/variants/m1070a1/#lit, "Oshkosh M1070 and M1070A1 (8 × 8) Heavy Equipment Transporters (HETs) and M1000 semi-trailer", https://janes.ihs.com/CustomPages/Janes/DisplayPage.aspx?DocType=Reference&ItemId=+++1501708&Pubabbrev=JLSU, http://oshkoshdefense.com/variants/m1070a1/, "Heavy Equipment Transporter System (UK) - HETS M1070F/M1070E1", http://www.panzerbaer.de/helper/uk_hets_m1070f-a.htm, "Oshkosh 1070F Heavy Equipment Transporter, United Kingdom", http://www.army-technology.com/projects/oshkosh/, http://www.imcdb.org/vehicles_make-Oshkosh_model-M1070.html, http://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_746619-Oshkosh-M1070-HETS.html, HISTORY OF OSHKOSH TRUCKS Fire engines, military and rescue vehicles, M1070 het military 8x8 oshkosh - Heavy Equipment Transporter, British Army M1070 with King off-road trailer, Big Machines M1070 Heavy Equipment Transporter, Oshkosh M1070 HET 8x8 Tractor Truck on GovLiquidation.com, 2002 Oshkosh M1070 Commercial Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) on GovLiquidation.com, https://military.wikia.org/wiki/Oshkosh_M1070?oldid=5158256, 2 operators (driver + 1) + 4 additional spaces (4 seats or 2 bunks), Protection levels classified; 796 add-on kits delivered for M1070A0 by BAE Systems; M1070A1 is a-kit/b-kit; U.S. Army Long Term Armor Strategy (LTAS) compliant, Detroit Diesel Model 8V-92TA DDEC II, 12.06-litre diesel developing 500 hp at 2100 rpm and 1993 Nm torque at 1200 rpm, Allison CLT-754 5-speed automatic, TC-496 torque convertor and Oshkosh 55000 2-speed transfer case, TRUCK, TRACTOR, M1070, 8 X 8, HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRANSPORTER (HET) NSN 2320-01-318-9902; EIC: B5C. 5330-00-745-7831. the tank and its crew. [1][8], Oshkosh Defense unveiled the Global HET in 2008. [4], The layout of the M1070 is conventional. A CM Automotive central tire inflation system (CTIS) is fitted, this having four predetermined terrain settings (Highway, Cross-Country, Mud & Snow, Emergency) that enable the operator to adjust tire pressure and lock-up to suit the terrain being crossed. The rearmost axle is a steer-drive unit. Currently it is in service with the US Army. The Global HET is similar in many ways to the M1070A1, the main design difference being configuration. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. While it is believed the U.S. Army would like to continue HET A1 production through fiscal year 2017, it is currently not funded. The US Contact Us With the M1000. Rockwell (now AxelTech) S-cam drum brakes are fitted. A contract for 1044 M1070 was placed, with production commencing in July 1992. All major driveline components have been revised. improvement over earlier US Army tank transporters is that the cab The fully enclosed cab seats the driver, one crewman and up to four passengers. It also has a higher capacity front suspension, electrical upgrades and improved diagnostics – all to help assure the delivery of battle-ready vehicles and equipment. Oshkosh Defense, the Oshkosh Defense logo, TAK-4, TerraMax and ProPulse are registered trademarks, Command Zone and TAK-4i are trademarks of the Oshkosh Defense, LLC, Oshkosh, WI, USA. narrow confines. This mounts a 3.5 inch fully floating Holland fifth wheel and three winches, two dp Manufact… usual tank-carrying semi-trailer used with the M1070 HET is the Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! The contract award included a 28-system option that was not exercised. A Run Flat mode checks tire pressures regularly and inflates as needed to compensate for leak(s). movements on the front and rear axles to improve maneuverability in [2][3], The trailer used with the M1070A0 and M1070A1 is the M1000. All axles are Rockwell SVI 5MR hub-reduction with differential locks. Oshkosh 1070F heavy equipment transporter is in service with the Steering is power-assisted, and an auxiliary pump should the main pump fail. manufacture a new heavy duty tank transporter which emerged as the all times while smoothing out the worst round terrain shocks to the was originally placed and production commenced during July 1992. The M1070 M1070 Prime Mover Heavy Heavy Equipment Transport. C-17 or The M1070 replaced Before the development of the M1070A1 for the U.S. Army, the more powerful M1070E model was developed as a possible Technology Insertion Programme (TIP) for the M1070A0 fleet. This delivery order was valued at over $440 million and called for more than 1,000 vehicles, with the first vehicles rolling out in December 2010. The Oshkosh M1070, in A0 and A1 configurations, is the U.S. Army's current tank transporter tractor. The M1000 was originally developed as a private venture by Southwest Mobile Systems (later Systems & Electronics Inc (SEI), now DRS Technologies) as a response to a possible U.S. Army requirement for transporting M1 and M1A1 MBTs. One Out of Stock. This combination replaced the earlier Oshkosh-built M911 tractor unit and M747 semi-trailer. to date 1 179 tractors and trailers were built. The fully enclosed cab seats the driver, one crewman and up to four passengers. This mounts a 3.5 inch fully floating Holland fifth wheel and three winches, two dp Manufacturing 55K 24,947 kg capacity hydraulic winches with 51.8 m of 25 mm cable each, and a single dp Manufacturing 3GN 1,360 kg capacity auxiliary winch with 91.4 m of 6 mm cable. These will tank transporters were unable to carry the load. components. The M1070E1 was offered to meet the British Army's requirement for a tank transporter but was not selected. Rapid. [6], The M1070F replaced the Scammell Commander as the British army tank transporter in 2001. Rocker Cover Gasket (Valve Cover Gasket ... Oil Cooler Gasket. The I consent to Oshkosh Defense collecting and processing my details in accordance with its Privacy Policy. Abrams main battle tank into service, the US Army's existing [4], The M1000 has 40 wheels (215/75R 17.5 tires) across five axle lines, these with two half-width axles per line. also transports fighting and recovery vehicles, self-propelled |     [4], The M1070E1 model was developed in the mid-1990s in conjunction with the U.S. Army as a possible Technology Insertion Programme (TIP) for the M1070. Technical Operator's Manual (TM 9-2320-360-10), Modern U.S. Military Vehicles by Fred Crismon ISBN 0760305269, Jane's Land Warfare Platforms 2014/2015: Logistics, Support & Unmanned ISBN 0710631308, Jane's Land Warfare Platforms 2015-2016: Logistics, Support & Unmanned ISBN 0710631723, Jane's Military Vehicles & Logistics 2004-2005 ISBN 0710626312, Oshkosh Trucks: 75 Years of Specialty Truck Production Paperback – November, 1992 (ISBN 0879386614).

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