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Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. We continue to evolve our products, modifying and upgrading our products to ensure that we cater for the growing needs of our customers, as such, owners of earlier models may choose to make minor changes to their procedures, or consider adding accessories to their range.

We're open for business and fully operational. Items currently in stock will be become depleted by normal sales, but if the previous events are anything to go by, there might be a sudden sale of all Triton and GMC tools to clear them out. Took up on your advice and ordered one last Friday through Bunnings seeing that it was a free purchase to me. Copyright © 2020 Triton Tools.

If your product has developed a fault within 30 days, please return it to your supplying retailer along with your proof of purchase and they will resolve the problem with our support. Retained tools, or parts, for which a replacement has been issued, will become the property of TritonTools. My Cart. […] This would be the first time that any of the box warehouses has had this particular item in stock for a very long time – perhaps as far back as when Bunnings refused to stock any more GMC products (which included Triton), back in August 2008.

From award winning Routers to the world famous Superjaws and Workcentre, Triton are passionate about producing the highest quality woodworking Hand and Power tools for …

Nous ajouterons TOUS les posts à notre story highlights hebdomadaire. t: +81256705100 thats pretty shameful of them when you see how well attended last nights event was.

Hope that was helpful! To maintain the life of your tool, only our Service Agents can perform warranty repairs. Their practicly replacing all GMC products.

The repair of the product, once verified to the satisfaction of Triton Tools, that the defect is due to faulty materials or workmanship. The repair or replacement of the product will not extend, or renew the period of guarantee. En effet, la pièce est extraite d’un marronnier d’Inde ayant appartenu à une militante américaine très impliquée dans la lutte pour le droit des femmes, Susan B. Anthony. Triton Super Jaws. I last stood at the special orders desk in the local Green shed for 20 minutes before being served. All work will be carried out by Triton Tools or its appointed repair agents. The Guarantee Certificate issued during the registration procedure together with your original sales receipt will be required in order to proceed. www.powerbox.com, White International Pty Ltd ( Log Out /  At Triton we aim to assist our customers in whatever project they have in mind, as such we have produced a series of woodwork projects that can easily be undertaken with the use of Triton products. Change ). Normal wear and tear caused by use in accordance with the operating instructions e.g. Triton gear was 'disappearing' back in 2009 from Bunnings /archive/1150008.

Visit your local Bunnings Warehouse today. Power Tools . t: +44 (0)1935 844500 Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. So, will I miss Triton & GMC being in Bunnings …. t: 1300 780-876 ( Log Out /  Anyway here it is in November and they are still placing orders through their special orders desk for Triton products and are receiving the same. Défonceuse de précision bi-mode plongeante 1 400 W. Vous aimez nos vidéos? Quick start guides with background essential to get you started with woodworking. It worked with the toys4theboys. If this product develops a fault after 30 days a guarantee claim must be submitted. www.normand.ca, Toolstream See the list of Triton distributors below. I have also told friends and family that I no longer want Bunnings gift vouchers.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Should you not wish to register, a standard 30 day guarantee period will apply. www.takagi-plc.co.jp. Thank you for your patience. The person who got there before me had been waiting 15 minutes longer. Pas encore inscrit ?

p.s I’ll be happy with bunnings gift vouchers for fathers day, I’ve recently visited our local store and they still have lots of GMC, they may be depleting it down but it’s still in stock for now…. They usually surprise me with the order arriving so quickly. Skip to content. Broke, NSW. Our Triton Approved Service Agents are authorised to undertake repairs to your tool during your warranty period as well as providing repair and routine servicing for all Triton products. Check out our range of Table Saws products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. Check out our range of Garden Tools products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. News just to hand, and this is public knowledge from Bunnings staff (who are shattered btw (they don’t want to see the end of the orange tools)). Must be to suit the 2000 and in decent usable condition. Triton is coming back. Accidental damage, faults caused by: improper use, abnormal environmental conditions, overloading, insufficient maintenance, careless operation or handling of the product. Copyright © 2020 Triton Tools. Registering your purchase within 30 days will automatically extend your product guarantee. All products should be in a suitably clean and safe state for repair, and should be packaged carefully to prevent damage or injury during transportation. and. They have reduced their range on GMC however, but increased their ryobi range by the looks. Toggle Nav. Will need to give them a call. I’ve ordered from two Australian and two US suppliers this week. Not Registered? In order to suit all skill levels we have catered for beginners, intermediate and advanced, and for those who are starting out, the simple projects are an ideal way to begin a new creative and satisfying hobby. Nous avons ainsi rendu visite à April lors de la création de sa table basse.

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