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university of iowa white coat ceremony 2020

So it’s really, in a way, like going back home.”. Like Fuentes would do nearly one year later, Wilson signed a settlement taking a special assignment in the UI Office of the President — where he continued earning his six-figure salary while being allowed to look for other jobs off campus.

It’s more of a personality fit. In departing for Georgia Southern University earlier this year, Wilson prepared for UI a presentation on what other campuses are doing around issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion — similar to Fuentes’ assignment, but for diversity measures.
180 South Grand AvenueIowa City, Iowa 52242, PhD in Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry, PGY2 Palliative Care and Pain Management Pharmacy Residency, Past Residents - Palliative Care and Pain Management, Contact Professional Experience Program (PEP), Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE), Dominica: Rural Health and Natural Medicine, Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE), Professional Outreach Development Societies (PODS), Pharmaceutical Sciences and Experimental Therapeutics (PSET), Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry (MNPC), Pharmaceutics and Translational Therapeutics (PTT), Office of Professional Education (PharmD). Brown said nursing students were initially led to believe their white coat ceremony would take place in person. The College of Nursing Building is seen on Monday, July 8, 2019. All rights reserved. From storm to recovery, experience more than 150 full-color photos and moving stories captured by The Gazette photojournalism team and bound in this hardcover keepsake. Fuentes now is charged with assessing COVID’s impact on other higher education institutions and evaluating what they’re doing to navigate the pandemic, in helping to inform Iowa’s planning through the shifting landscape, according to Kregel. “I’m very excited about the prospect of joining Kent State, where I feel like there is complete alignment with those values,” Fuentes said during an Oct. 20 public presentation for the Kent State community as part of its search for a new senior vice president and provost.

RELATED: University of Iowa to push forward with in-person instruction amid student, instructor calls for virtual learning. The University has resumed hybrid, face-to-face instruction. “[Students in clinicals] will have so much more attention from a faculty member than what they would usually experience,” Zerwic said. Rachel Steil, News Reporter August 25, 2020. When asked for details of how Fuentes is involved in updating the UI strategic plan — as her name is not listed among committees and groups assigned that task — UI Interim Provost Kevin Kregel confirmed she’s still playing a role “but her focus has shifted a bit due to the ongoing challenges of the pandemic.”. “One of the take-home points is that, if possible, we may continue to live stream this in the future,” Cooper said. I want to be able to put values into action and words into action and that’s what I’m looking for.”, When asked how her ideology aligns with Kent State, Fuentes said she likes the “students first” philosophy, its research-academic integration, and the “alignment of the values of that institution with my own commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.”, “And I’m also clearly excited about the recognition that institution is receiving due to that commitment to those values — being a best employer for diversity by peers, a great place to work by The Chronicle of Higher Education,” she said. The College of Medicine worked around this policy to accommodate a hybrid ceremony for its 152 students. Stressing the importance of operating in “complete alignment” with her values, Fuentes said she decided voluntarily to “put myself in a position where I could speak in alignment of my values and the direction that institution is going.”, Related: Kent State Opts for Interim over University of Iowa past Provost, “That’s where I am right now and that really goes back to why I’m excited about Kent State,” Fuentes told the student reporter. Dr. Montse Fuentes, then the Provost of the University of Iowa, addresses the crowd during the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine Class of 2023 White Coat Ceremony … This was achieved by hosting the ceremony in separate groups, said College of Medicine Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education Christopher Cooper. timeline for that campus’ selection of a new provost. “We were a little bit confused about why [medical students] were able to have theirs [in-person], but we weren’t able to have ours [in-person],” Brown said. Meanwhile the campus over the summer was the center of Black Lives Matter protests — with hundreds rallying on the Pentacrest and outside the UI president’s office. Cooper said the virtual aspect of the College of Medicine’s white coat ceremony was well received, with a higher number of guests watching remotely than usually in attendance. “Faculty, staff, and especially students perceive you and many other university leaders to be oblivious to the intense fear, struggle, and trauma that permeates the University of Iowa community each day,” according to an open letter from seven UI diversity councils, reporting trust in the university’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion “has been decimated.”, Fuentes, in discussing her priorities with the Kent State community, repeatedly mentioned diversity but also noted a move to Kent State would be like “going back home.”, “This is home for us,” she said. Or, view pharmacy-specific quick links. 2019 White Coat Ceremony The new 2019 class for the Iowa Dental Advanced Standing Program (IDASP) is starting their careers at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics. “That’s where my husband is from. “They have every right to feel frustrated,” Zerwic said. That changed when nursing students learned that the medical students were still allowed to have a portion of their ceremony in-person, however, she said. • Privacy Policy • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNO • Log in, UI reports 111 COVID-19 cases on campus as classes begin, University of Iowa to push forward with in-person instruction amid student, instructor calls for virtual learning, Daily Iowan Postgame – Iowa vs. Northwestern, Iowa City community leaders suggest renaming local park after Pulitzer Prize winner, University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld 'exceedingly disappointed' in downtown businesses, Off-campus behavior may lead to suspensions or cancellations of housing contracts, University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld ‘exceedingly disappointed’ in downtown businesses, Bill Mertens Memorial Daily Iowan Scholarship. Kent State officials did not immediately provide a timeline for that campus’ selection of a new provost.

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